Nashville was so rad. I hadn't been to that city in years, let alone for a big fat Moped Rally.

Our drive down with two mopeds in the back of our oversized white van gave us all a bit of a head ache/gas fume high. Didn't think that one out too well. Back windows don't open. Doh! Breathing in fumes for close to 5 hours is pretty good for you, I think...

road trip

Road trip

Got into town, checked into the hotel, got food, went turbo down to the Rally, barely mad it to the night ride. So much fun rollin with 200 mopeds, taking over the street, causing a ruckus and having a ton of fun. Props to the DEADPEDS for putting all this together.

The look on everyones faces as a mob of Mopeds roll through, block intersections, and invade everything is pretty priceless. I would say about 90% amazed and entertained and another 2% that is just pissed off to be stuck in traffic. I am just sorry that I didn't get into this subculture a little sooner. Years ago the STL crew used to roll by my old house. The sound of a swarm of bees buzzing by made me so jealous.

Yup. That's right. Sapporo is making Mopeds. Sneak peak. You can win yourself one of these in late May, here... Really loving this client. I went over 60 miles on this guy and still had over half a tank. Only put a gallon in to begin with. Wowsers.

Check out the folks doing it for us while you are at it. MOTOMATIC knows their shit.


Moped Rally

Moped Party




Mopeds Nashville

I have a ton of good video and GOPRO camera footage that I will cut together, but you probably won't see it for a while. I literally recorded all 60 miles of this ride on the second day. Below is a peek at how rad it is. Nashville is beautiful. 10 minutes out of down town looks like heaven.




This blog is a work in progress. Check back soon, but in the mean time, I gotta give credit on the 35mm photos to this lil cutie, Miss MONIKER


I think 2011 is year of the Moped for me.

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