What's great about AUSTIN?!?

What is great about Austin? Well, pretty much everything. Rather than type something explaining why, just watch the video below. AUSTIN ...

What is great about Austin? Well, pretty much everything. Rather than type something explaining why, just watch the video below.

AUSTIN from Rob Brooks on Vimeo.

Austin Springs

Crystal clear blue springs that run through the city and country side. A perfect blend of nature and city life.

Austin Springs
Austin Springs
Barton Springs
Austin City Park
Austin city park

This city is full of great music, venues, rad people, bad ass motorcycles, mopeds, killer signage, killer design... Austin is Southwest Texican eclectic cutlure, and a general laid back attitude. Stopped by AUSTIN MOPEDS and chatted with those rad dudes. Pretty healthy moped scene down there. As well as a lot of really killer triumphs and vintage cafe racers all over town.

Austin 2011
Austin 2011

fine day

I met a lot of rad people in Austin. Reconnected with a couple of my long lost skater friends. Of all the people we met, this guy here was one of the raddest dudes in town.
  Austin 2011 ground skinkAustin 2011 I


We rented a spot from a photographer/film maker named Andrew Shapter. Staying here really gives you an insider feel for living in Austin, South Congress area. The inside of this place, (formerly a photography studio) feels like Pee Wees playhouse southwest themed.

austin austin Austin 2011 Down the hill you wouldn't guess your are blocks from a urban city dwelling. Foxes and other critters sneak into the yard early morning to drink from the fountain as it is one of the only water sources in the area. This place kind of feels like camping. austin 35 mm Austin Speaking of Draught, although the fire is now under control, it is unbelievably dry and hot, still in the middle of September. Dried up lake Drought Austin 2011Lake Travis IMG_0073 Lake Travis was pretty warm and sunny. Too much for a hang over and too much for polaroid film. Over Exposed Lake Travis IMG_0064 IMG_0065 I must have a distant relative that made these austin Here's this guy. IMG_0021 I laid under these giant wind chimes in a hammock. I really don't know the last time I was that relaxed. IMG_0018 A little piece of home in the Austin Chronicle. austin This is our vacation TMZ photo. IMG_9962 Austin 2011 I forgot to mention that we met a pig that lives in an aquarium austin IMG_9898 IMG_9957 IMG_9955 IMG_0048 IMG_0053 IMG_0056

fine day

 I do travel a lot, however there aren't many trips where you spend a week in a city and feel like you could just leave your possessions and responsibilities behind you. Carry on with a never ending vacation and just don't look back. I have been here two other times for SXSW interactive and a Fader/Vice magazine party I had worked on. However, I never really got to dive into what was great about Austin until now. Beyond staying in a hotel and going to parties, there is a lot more to offer here. I can't wait to make it back. Hopeful for an extended perhaps permanent vacation sometime in my future. I LOVE YOU AUSTIN

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