Hooligan Hoedown October

Great times with great people. Iron and Resin is a great brand, run by rad folks. Thanks for the party guys!

(Edited blog with captions to follow. This is currently a dump of iphone and gopro photos.)

This van, right before a bobber nailed the left side bumper. Still cringing.  

This little party pig seriously rides down the freeway with his dad, as if he was born for it. It also partied all night with the band, and is will be training Lumpy in the near future. Follow him (her?) here instagram.com/sixxbunz

Thought for sure I would poke my eye out on a Joshua tree, while stumbling out of my tent that night. 

It just got better and...

better and...


There he is. Hamming it up. Cerny Brothers were awesome. 

Met a lot of super rad folks this weekend. Here's one named Dustyn, in from Austin, absorbing the magical powers of Joshua Tree for the first time ever. 

Always down for a visit to my favorite place. 

intern doing intern stuff

Accidental selfie. These things happen. 

"Everyone I know has a big BUTT"

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