This is 37

Birthday Weekend: Act I

I was so high on my 37th birthday this year. 

Shortly after finishing my work day, I threw my gear into my pack and began my escape from the recent soggy entrapment in Portland. I picked up my friend, Jordan, and headed east to some of the best multi-pitch exposure in which I've been able to partake. Great way to kick off a great birthday weekend and get reacquainted with vitamin-d.

We got into Smith around 11pm and set up camp. After several weeks of trudging through gray and soggy days, I was overjoyed to drive into a completely different climate. It's been an extra long winter (as everyone has informed me), but it hasn't seemed quite so rough until the past couple weeks.

Birthday Weekend act II

Truly the best food and drink I've ever had. 

Birthday Weekend act III

The Gorge the day after the gorging. 

The Final Act


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