One year ago today, after a solid snow filled Holiday we were met with a surprise 60 degree first day of 2011. This warm day caused an early...

One year ago today, after a solid snow filled Holiday we were met with a surprise 60 degree first day of 2011. This warm day caused an early morning somewhat destructive tornado. Sirens went off all morning, most of which we slept through. When all of that excitement was over, we headed out to remedy seasonal depression and hike through the muddy trails of Castle Wood.

I believe it this moment that I realized 2011 was going to be a cup half full type of a year. I realized I finally had someone to share the same desire to get back to nature, explore, be creative, and encourage each other's productivity professionally and personally.

Forest Exploration

Forest Exploration

After a couple of "dud" years, 2011 was finally a healthy happy year for me. Mentally and physically this year was more positive and consistently productive than things have been in quite some time.

Through out this year of turning my downtime into creative exploration, art, nature, and traveling to new places, I managed to stay happy and healthy. For the first time in a long time, I haven't had a cold, no chronic sinus infections, and no seasonal depression. This year every weekend was a new reason to get out and do something productive with our time. Things change when your best friend becomes your love interest.


Exploring Seattle


Revisiting Gatlinburg for the first time since I was 8 and hiking the Appalachians. Watching my Aunt and Uncle get married and hunting for salamanders of course.


Riding in this 200 plus person moped rally scratch together a culturally relevant client video. Just part of the job duties this past year.


Turning 31 in Chicago and visiting our long lost Chicago friends.

Road Trip

Riding motorcycles with two of my best friends through the deserts of Nevada, California, and back to Nevada.

Lake Tahoe

Hiking to the hidden beaches of Lake Tahoe. Getting frowned at for taking photos like this one, by all of the basking naked people.

Cathedral Canyon Southern Missouri

Finding this mysterious snake filled canyon in Southern Missouri and making it back alive.


And finally, falling in love with ATX.

This is a fairly decent round up of highlights from 2011. It would not be right to leave out the weekly critter chasing, getting kicked out of a city park for catching frogs, motorcycle trips, art shows, analog photography, random road trips, and exploring vacant urban structures. Grandma beats cancer once again, little brother gets a house, mom and dad get their basement back.

Several years ago life became difficult for me. Things beyond my control were changing and life was not easy. Since then, year after year everything began sliding back into place. In 2011, I can safely say things were in place and I will remember it as being a balanced year for me. My career, my personal life, and everything in between made sense for the first time in a long time.

Our 2012 has holds big, but obtainable goals that are slowly but surely going to put into motion. Happy New Year. Hello 2012. It might be the end of modern civilization, but I would much rather go out on a high note!

New year photo by Mike Cassimatis

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