Off to the Golden State, never too late...

I still remember the day I was peering out the window of my grandmothers house and saw some teenager on a board with wheels rolling down the...

I still remember the day I was peering out the window of my grandmothers house and saw some teenager on a board with wheels rolling down the street. I know for cerrtain that it was 1984. I remember how blown away I was by what this dude was doing, and immediately whatever he was riding on. I ran to my dad asking "What is that, what is that?!". He told me it was a skateboard and then later gave me his childhood blue banana board. That year, at Christmas Santa brought me my first Nash. This photo captured what was my then happiest moment in a 5 year existence. 

I became pretty damn obsessed wanting to become a skateboarder, but didn't really know much until I discovered Christian Hosoi. My Aunt and Uncle had tape recorded a skate competition and saved it for me. I recall first watching him skate and instantly identifying him as my hero.  It's funny how I can clearly identify monumental influences as a child and vividly recall how it set me on a path to what I eventually became. 

Hosoi as a brand persona was probably my first cultural influence that began sculpting my own persona. Throw in some nerdy comic books, H.R. Giger, Ren and Stimpy, motocross, and lizards, then you have a cocktail of social interestes that created who I am today. 

My fascination with skating and skate culture grew into my preteen and then teen years. My mom picked up a pretty rad 80's skate video for me from a flea market. That summer my brother and I watched it every day along with Ghostbusters, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and Star Wars. It was a non stop VHS circulation.

Around 7th grade I was given a two year subscription to Transworld Skateboarding for Christmas. I believe this would have been around 1992. If you were a skateboarder growing in my town in the early 90's, then you were probably one of very few skateboarders. Pre Tony hawk proskater, NO ONE cared about skating. There were constant asshole jocks looking to pick a fight with you, or bored cops looking to harass you. Culture really has changed in my small home town, which now hosts three different skateparks. I spent a lot of the early teen/preteen years feeling a bit like an outcast because of my interest in art, skateboarding, music, and etc. 

Meanwhile, I am reading these magazines and watching these videos that all seem to take place in this magical land called California. In my mind, this magical place was filled with people actually enjoy and take serious skateboarding  creativity, the sun always shines, there are mountains, an ocean, reptiles, and sits on the edge of the planet. I always told myself and my friends, "I want to live there someday. I'm going to live there someday." 

Into my late teenage years, I continued fantasized about living on the west coast where there seemed to be a concentration of my cultural interestes. What at the time seemed to be filled with like minded people, was probably more from being surrounded by small town culture.  Interests in skateboarding eventually led to motocross in my late teens and began religiously watching  Crusty Videos, fantasizing about riding in motorcycles through the dunes of California. Motorcycle culture was a entirely new reason to want to live there. 

These teenage years leading into my young adulthood I swore that I would move to Southern California when I got older.

Well... Better late than never.

I may be more than a few years past my initial plan (first attempt was 10 years ago) and are terrible at skateboarding now, but my love for Americas West is stronger than ever before. 

This past summer I managed to show my partner in crime that Southern California host far more than crummy Hollywood celebs, Kardashians, and trust fund meth heads. Since I managed to successfully changed her perception, we've decided set sail the golden state. Browner pastures await! We and are two weeks from having a new zip code. In fact, our lease starts today. We are both eager for new scenery, new discoveries, warm weather, and a fresh start together. 

With the deserts, national parks, canyons, the ocean, endless scenic motorcyle routes, and a large population of reptile species, we should have plenty of entertainment. 

It's not that I don't love some things about our current city and will truly miss my friends and family. (I am about to quadruple my rent payment.)  However, our love for nature and discovery has led us to a new chapter in our life.


See you soon California...

  Silver Lake

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