Two very good people were in town this past weekend.

Two very good people were in town this past weekend.

We had some time to meet up with them on Saturday and roll out to Malibu. Just as we were walking out of the front door,  this happened. The fire made for a 2 hour commute to and from the West side. Ugh. Hello LA. The pic below was taken from our balcony. 

This mushroom cloud of toxicity made for 2 hours to the beach, an hour and a half to enjoy the beach, then two hours back home. Luckily it was a bit of a cold day. 

Malibu is a great place to space out and clear your head. Shame it always seems like such a haul. This is why I routinely opt for the mountains on the weekends. Saturday was our 3rd beach visit since we've moved here 6 months ago.

In other news, I got my FJ stuck in the Swamp of Sadness. I am pretty sure I totally impressed these Mountain People, by picking such a terrible line and getting stuck right away. This followed by me not really knowing how to get myself out. "Damn Yuppies comin out here, gettin in the way!"

Met a nice mudpuppy. 

Little dusty in them parts.

This mad max thing... ?

These guys all looked like toys rolling around the canyon. 

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