Iron and Resin  throws a helluva good party. This year they threw a far more populated Hooligan Hoedown . Little more cold too, I really n...

Iron and Resin throws a helluva good party. This year they threw a far more populated Hooligan Hoedown. Little more cold too, I really need to get some new solo camping gear. Never the less, I  loaded up my ghetto ass tent and headed to Los Padres National forest first thing Saturday morning with my neighbor Greg.

See if you can figure out what's happening here. Spring Break!

This is what it looked like before 100 tents surrounded us and kept me awake all night. Woke up at 4:30 am to a barfing drunk dude and then again at 6am to a drunk guy talking about how funny it was when his buddy was puking. I must be getting old. 

Great getting to see some good folks again, like this hippy.

And Mr. Scott

And these two.

Here's a dog that rides more motorcycles than I do. Don't believe me? Check em out... MOUTHFULLOFJOY

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Little crowded in there to see the bands. 

Thankfully they played for hours at their camp site. So good. 

My ride home today was a wet, cold, epic descent from the mountains. Felt pretty good up there in the clouds. 


Looking to Death Valley in March 2015.  Hopefully there'll be a lot more moto adventures between now and then. 


On a side note, not sure who all reads these blogs, other than my family and friends in far away cities. I have been slow to posting here these days and I think it has a lot to do the ease of Instagram. It's true. I've become a lazy blogger. I'll try and formulate more adventures on there, but in the meantime stop by and say hello. instagram.com/bbor62  Thnx!

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