Thanksgaved Me A Weekend Outside Of LA

This past weekend we rented an eco-friendly cabin in mountains of Tehachapi. The sound of silence is all we heard for two nights. No ph...

This past weekend we rented an eco-friendly cabin in mountains of Tehachapi. The sound of silence is all we heard for two nights. No phones, not wifi, no tv, no problems. 

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Tehachapi is a farm town that has some alpine mountain ranges and is super close to the Mojave. The town itself felt a little like being in a small farm town in southern Illinois.

On day two of our stay, I decided to pick a direction outside of the small town and just begin driving. 

I managed to pick a pretty great route that started by snaking through a canyon filled with cows walking along the sides of the road.

This went on for about 15 miles until I turned on a dirt road that was set to lead me into the southern tip of the Sequoia National Forest. Didn't really know this at the time. Also didn't know how incredibly rough and rocky the road or rather "trail" would become. I just knew we had nowhere better to be that day, so why not drive 3.5 hours at a 8000 foot elevation gain? 

This view is from the tip of the mountain 8k above sea level and completely flattened by my wide angled lens. At this point I was wondering when my baby tires were going to blow and if this road was ever going to become a real road without rocks the size of Monica to drive over. I began wondering if we would see another human being anytime soon, or perhaps fall victim to an owner of one of the hundreds of intimidating private property signs riddled with bullet holes. 

We eventually ran into a really nice gentleman from LA that didn't shoot us and owned property in these mountains. He advised we find our way out by cutting through Jawbone Canyon past some wide open meadows and into the Mojave desert. We took his advice and even spotted this strange structure on our decent out of the mountains. Probably aliens. Or meth. Meth aliens. 

Not sure what this was, but I could hear strange noises in the distance on what was posted as being private property. I couldn't just leave this without going inside to see what kinds of witchcraft has been going on and so there I went. Looked a bit like constellations left behind by drunken bullet holes.

This is the point of crossing out of the Alpine forest and heading into the desert. Yuckas and alpine trees are growing on the same path and off in the distance we see rolling hills covered in windmills. 

Jawbone to Mojave hosts some great open plains. 

Spectacular as always. 

Peculiar green rocks

After a 4.5 hour day of exploring and off-roading in a not so off-road friendly BMW X1, we are back to cabin life.

Next year hopefully things play out differently and we can come back to STL for the holidays. Even though we didn't, I had a great time over the holiday with these three. (Two of these three had pretty bad gas. Guess which ones.)

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