PNW 2015

PORTLANDY DANDY  "I'd rather be a forest than a street"


"I'd rather be a forest than a street"

I finally took my wife to Portland and let me tell you... we almost didn't make it back. Happy to get back and experience some PNW nature, hot springs, and hang out with our nephew in Seattle. Escaping 100º LA was nice too. 

Bagby Hot Springs involves a magical drive, followed by a enchanted forest hike which finally leads to hot spring cabins. Each has its own hollowed cedar log funneled with piping hot spring water bubbling from up from the ground.

Ending summer in such a green, wet, lush place was a welcome change from dry and crispy Southern California. 

Bridge of the Gods couldn't have a more appropriate title. 


I finally found some time to get tattooed by Kyler, who I've been trying to schedule an appointment with for the last two years. Really stoked and also happy to have so many of his prints hanging in our Los Angeles home. 

Siblings often times go chasin waterfalls.

Lewis & Clark Heitz... er... Brooks

This little guy has been to more National Parks than the majority of adults that I know.  Myself included. Bright future you got there Charlie. 

We see you peeking down there little guy. Hope to see you again real soon.

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